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Case Study: Montgomery Park

Repositioning Recommendations for an Iconic Portland, Oregon Destination.

Our Mission

Provide new owners and their architectural and design teams with strategic recommendations for site flow, tenant types, office amenities, brand direction, and more.

Our Solution

In the 1980’s, owners converted Portland Oregon’s iconic Montgomery Ward warehouse and distribution center to office use. The conversion included a name change to “Montgomery Park” and a shopping mall-style makeover that became dated over the years. In addition, the character of Portland’s Northwest sector evolved from primarily industrial use to a more mixed-use / neighborhood feel. The opportunity arose to reposition a large cluster of buildings, parking, internal streets and grounds to better serve the emerging market by offering destination retail, local retail, apartments, and more. Our team traveled to Portland with a team of market demographers to determine which retail uses would work best and how to reposition the site to best serve a new and emerging user market. We offered recommendations on site flow, brand voice, user experience, art integrations, and more. These led to an expanded scope of work, which will involve marketing strategy, budgeting, programming, and event activations.