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Case Study: 725 Ponce

A Comprehensive Approach

Our Mission

To put a spotlight on a spec office building in an uncommon, yet forward-thinking location, while launching the flagship development for the New City brand.

Our Solution

The New City property brand was launching in tandem with their first project, so our responsibility was two-fold. In order to make an impact and draw attention to the building, we needed to think well beyond any traditional broker event. We placed our sights on the local community to create unique, engaging experiences.

The New City team brought a deep, personal vision and a true passion for community to the project. 725 Ponce’s timeless style extended to the custom leather gifts we shared, the private dinner we hosted, and to the inspired art collection neighbors can find along the building’s BeltLine connection. We worked hand-in-hand to ensure New City’s vision and 725’s timeless aesthetic was evident in every piece, from the branded website to the hardhat BeltLine bike tour.